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Commercial Roofing Contractors

Hiring the right company for your commercial (or industrial) property shouldn’t be taken lightly. Each building and structure can be very unique, and when you go with someone who isn’t high end, then you risk a less than perfect installation job. We are among some of the leading commercial roofing contractors in Indiana.  It doesn’t matter if your project is a retail store, a church, an apartment building, or an industrial structure, give us a call. We’re experienced with installing any type of roof onto any structure, and we’re the absolute best around.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance

As one of the best roofers in your area, we provide our clients commercial roofing maintenance services.  

We can help to maintain your existing building or industrial structure, to help extend the useful life of your property and to ensure that damage hasn’t occurred following severe weather conditions.  We have a team of trained experts who will assess the structure, and if you wish, we’ll get to work repairing or maintaining your investment. Give us a call. We’re here to help!

Commercial Roofing

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Appointments at your convenience! You can request an assessment for your roofing, drain or water damage issue at any time. We always have a roofer standing by in your area.


Rigorous hiring practices for highly skilled technicians separates us from many others. Putting the experienced technicians in the front lines, sharing their experience with their piers in our daily meetings and on the field, improves the quality of services we offer.


“Lifetime warranty” sound like fancy words? Is it technician’s lifetime, yours or the material’s one? We only have one answer! Our reputation, integrity, success of THE ROOF WHISPERER relies on our Ironclad Workmanship Warranty presented to you in writing before and after work completion.

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A friendly Roofer will be at your home within 90 minutes to provide solutions to your problem. If not, then our assessment fee will be voided.


From the initial contact, scheduling the appointment and calling ahead of showing on time as promised, explanations of findings, email correspondence of all quotations, invoicing and warranties are priorities for us.

Approved Pricing

Our preset software generated quotations for any roofing, drain or water damage solutions, will gladly be explained by our technicians in details. Your approval, either by email or device signature will be required prior to starting any repairs.